22 comments on “XMPP / Jabber Server List

  1. I’m glad to see my server in this list. I do not create any logs about IPs (only if theres a bad login attempt), I do not create any log files about messages and you can register on my server without personal data. 🙂

    • Hi Sebastian,
      thank you for your server 🙂 Can you give us some more information?
      1) How expensive is it to run such a server?
      2) How much is funded by donations?
      3) How much work is the administration?
      4) Are there any significant problems with spam?

      • For my example: patchcord.be
        EC2 machine on AWS
        1. ~30USD per month
        2. No donations yes, even there is a Bitcoin address, donations are welcome
        3. 1-5h per week
        4. There is, but mostly as receiver not sender. There will be update on ejabberd service that helps to fight with spam
        x. Mostly run as hobby 🙂

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