39 comments on “XMPP / Jabber Server List

  1. I’m glad to see my server in this list. I do not create any logs about IPs (only if theres a bad login attempt), I do not create any log files about messages and you can register on my server without personal data. 🙂

    • Hi Sebastian,
      thank you for your server 🙂 Can you give us some more information?
      1) How expensive is it to run such a server?
      2) How much is funded by donations?
      3) How much work is the administration?
      4) Are there any significant problems with spam?

      • For my example: patchcord.be
        EC2 machine on AWS
        1. ~30USD per month
        2. No donations yes, even there is a Bitcoin address, donations are welcome
        3. 1-5h per week
        4. There is, but mostly as receiver not sender. There will be update on ejabberd service that helps to fight with spam
        x. Mostly run as hobby 🙂

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    this is some of the html off your site… u cry for the good and use evil code.. LOL …really…

  4. Jabber.tcpreset.net after a long period of inactivity has returned online.
    Cause immense spam attack we were forced first to close then to rebuild everything over again.
    Even the old database has been cleaned up so I apologize to the legitimate users who can no longer connect.
    I invite them to register again and they will not regret it.
    The server has been updated and new features (captcha) and antispam are in use.
    The server is still one of the most anonymous and secure of the whole XMPP federation, we invite you to visit the site. https://jabber.tcpreset.net.
    Happy jabber to everyone!

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