10 comments on “How to use a xmpp / jabber account behind a firewall and proxy…

  1. Offered nation list: Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia,
    Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Noway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

  2. BOSH is really nice. In addition, https://wiuwiu.de also supports XMPP over TLS. This means that if your client supports XMPP over TLS, the client will automatically connect to the wiuwiu.de XMPP via port 443.

  3. host: ch3kr.de and ch3kr.net (SRV record: jabber.ch3kr.net)

    port: 5222 (default)

    ipv6: YES (xmpp/web/bosh)

    certificates: by Let’s Encrypt (SHA1 fingerprint, last update: 03.01.2018 15:31 CET)
    • jabber.ch3kr.de C2:C5:98:C8:C2:1F:FB:BE:3B:D2:F6:18:9E:2C:A3:23:A8:9C:43:93
    • jabber.ch3kr.net F0:C4:E1:52:8F:54:0D:6B:32:61:61:8A:A5:E6:DC:78:42:F1:0D:69
    • bosh.ch3kr.net A3:D2:56:D9:C2:CE:31:E3:74:0D:68:24:26:05:AD:33:79:72:24:98
    • jabber.ab-storm.de (website) 29:09:0B:8A:4E:B6:85:6B:3F:8D:6D:18:BA:26:09:98:0A:90:4D:F7

    muc: muc.ch3kr.net (multi user chat)

    bosh: bosh.ch3kr.net (bidirectional-streams over synchronous HTTP)

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