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You have to decode my public key to contact me. If you don’t know how, then visit a CryptoParty or your local hacker space respectively your Linux user group.

This public key can be used to send me secret data over an unsecured network. What ever you do don’t trust me and make sure that you send really important information to different people or non government organizations (NGOs) with a good explanation how to handle the data.

I will do my best to make your information public if it is important but I’m only a little girl (compared with the NSA) and I don’t have witchcraft until now 😦





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  2. Hi there im new on diaspora (where i found you) and i wanna meet more people like you, you just like the same things as me, some time ago i discovered that actually the OS Windows 10 was taking your information out to other companies so i decided to start learning informatics security but i just cant find out good books about it, can you help me with it? thanks a lot John

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